Product of the Nature
which Made in HOKKAIDO

The TEA Taste of Healthy Black Soy Beans
which made in HOKKAIDO and made by Far Infrared Rays Roaster

The most material of Black Soybeabs Tea is making by contract farming
at the south region of Hokkaido(OTOBE TOWN).
Efects of polyphnol or isoflavone contained in Black Soybeans has
great popularity among famale.

Bulk Product is packed in the Alluminium Oontainer.
Net weight 10Kg
JANCODE 4979405788126
Expiry Days : 1.5 ~ 2 Years

Net Weight 100g
JANCODE 4979405780175
Expiry Days : 1 Year *
Making healty soy beans drink :
Warm the pot (or cup) before putting
in one or two large spoonful for each
person and one for the pot.
Bring fresh water to the boil and pour
it on immediately. Allow the beans to
brew for three to five minutes, then stir
and serve. You can drink to repeat
twice or thrice. You can eat the rest
and use for material of soy beans rice.


* Expiry days may change according to the Destinations ets., .
** Specification of the product may change without previous notice.

2016/1/2 Update